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Shirley (Ann) (PHILLIPS) Guymon

This is just the start.

Shirley was born and raised in Oneida, Tennessee. She was one of 12 children. "Cheaper by the dozen". The Ann is her middle name that does not appear on her birth certificate. Her birthday is listed as August 2 on her ceritficate, but her mother says she was born on September 2nd. I like this, because if I forget her first birthday, I have a second chance. "No Honey, I did not forget your birthday. It is actually Septemeber 2nd, right!?" That worked once, but I couldn't get away with it the second time.

For this information to go much further, she is going to have to write something down. I would just get into trouble.

I can tell you one thing though, she is a great cook. Just look at some of the pictures of me...