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Texas Renaisance Festival

A few years ago, my parents came down to visit us in the FALL. We all decided to go to the Texas Renaisance Festival. The Festival is a bawdy good time, set in the Renaisance Period. The people who do most of the entertaining are members of the SCA, Society for Creative Anachronism. These people are somewhat wierd. Try viewing some of their sites...

Once, as I was taking a picture of a belly dancer, a peasant woman walked in front of me. I lowered the camera to wait, then took the picture. The next thing I new, was that the peasant woman had walked behind me, and pinched me on my butt. She said, "Oh , you didn't want to take me picture your lordship?" I responded by yelling loudly, "SHE PINCHED ME ON ME BOTTOM!"

We all dressed for the party, in costumes of the period, 'sort of'> The pictures are what we looked like. The festival is out doors, from dawn to dusk on Saturday and Sunday, from early October to mid November.

We are getting ready to do it again this year, and have a great time, I am sure.