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Isaiah Guymon

Isaiah Guymon, the son of Rebecca Curry and 
(William Guymon?), 
was born about 1750 in Virginia. The story goes that Isaiah's 
father died on the ship as the family traveled to the new America.

[If anyone can verify the information in the link above, I would 
appreciate an email with references. The information implies that 
William met Elizabeth, but does not say that they were married. 
The trip was several months, and I will assume that the ship's 
captain performed the ceremony.]

Isaiah was raised by his uncle Malcomb Curry, and went by Isaiah 
Curry until later in life. His mother remarried (Richard Goode?).

Isaiah fought for the United States of America during the
Revolution. He was granted land in North Carolina for his service.

He raised his family near the Little Yadkin River in Stokes/Surry 
County. He presumably died there, but no records have been found.

I have not found any ship passenger list which had a GUYMON as a 
passenger. There was a reference to a Guymoneau in a book about 
Holland, which may give us a clue as to our heritage.

In a book on Coats of Arms, I found a reference to GUYMON in the
Ile de France area, which was an area east of Paris before the 
area was redivided for the then current leadership's purposes.

Fred W. Guymon

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