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Malibu Grand Prix, Houston, Tx

Track Location
The track is located West of I610 West Loop between the junctions of 288 and I10, a mile or two North of the Galleria.
From the north side of I610, take the Old Katy Highway Exit before I10 exits, and the entrance will be right after entering the feeder road. If you are coming from the Galleria area on I610, exit Woodway/Memorial. Stay on the feeder road through the Woodway light (right two lanes). At Memorial, cross under the freeway diagonally in the right lane, (middle lane of the feeder road). After you cross Memorial you will be on Post Oak (North I think). Stay on Post Oak, and cross over I10. After crossing I10, go to the second stop light. Turn right. This is a little confusing, because there are two entrances to commercial buildings on either side of the Malibu driveway. The drive way rises a few feet and then goes between the buildings to the track. You can park near the track, and walk to the Castle to get your license and buy tickets.

To drive the Virage cars, you must be 18 and have a drivers license. If you are 16 and have a drivers license, you must get a parent to sign the discalimer for your license. If you don't have a drivers license, but are big enough to drive, talk to one of the managers about the special driving course they sometimes offer. They will teach you about the cars and how to drive them, and qualify you to drive the Virage cars.

Fred Guymon
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