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Oak Ridge, Tn Seal Oak Ridge High School
ORHS Wildcats ORHS Class of '64


Okay, maybe I won't be around forever... In that case, maybe someone else ought to have a copy of this database, so they can continue the listing somewhere. Please feel free to download your own copy of the ORHS Class of 1964 Page.

Download File {{{File missing until I am done...}}}

Unzip the file in its own directory, such as '\WEB\ORHS'. The images are expected to be in a subdirectory ORHS/IMAGES from the HTML file. I put all of it in its own folder, to make it easier to maintain. This website is set up the same way. Use your browser to open the 'orhsalum.htm' file which has the links to the other sites.

If you put this on the web, then let me know, and I will put a link to your site too.

Be sure and check back, as I will update this as often as I get a chance. Maybe one day, I will get fancy and store a 'cookie' on your machine, that will tell you that the site has been updated since your last visit. Another day.

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