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Through the Empty Cup

The dead eyes of the dreamer with the graying hair,
See the night trails above as the day sails by.
We all look for visions of the future to treat us fair,
While haunted by the past asking why, oh but why?

Is there nothing left that can boil our life's blood,
When the eyes have glazed with clouded symmetry.
Avoiding all decisions coming toward us in a flood,
While the tremor won't last from our past's coquetry.

Are we longing for an end or perhaps a beginning,
Matters not if the horse is losing or maybe winning.
The orb of our world is in constant tumult, spinning,
Who will fathom the secret of the verse in the penning?

Sip deeply from the cup, quench your needy thirst,
Drink long, drink quick, and finish with a gallop.
To the very last drop, while beginning with the first,
Make sure you end up with a fully empty cup!

Fred Guymon, December 23,1998