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Appalachian Trail, Smoky Mountains Elevation and Mileage Charts

Some years ago, when I lived in East Tennessee, I planned on hiking the Apalachian Trail through the Smokey Mountains. Unfortunately, I moved to Texas before accomplishing that goal. I did hike many of the trails in the Smokies, including parts of the Appalachian Trail.

Some of the guys at work were planning to do this adventure as well. One of them, I think it was Chuck Ochiltree, Mike Flynn, or Gary Smith, created a set of charts, documenting the key locations, elevation changes, and mileage for the trip from Davenport Gap to Fontana Dam. I recently discovered these charts, and have scanned them and added them here for anyone who might be planning a trip. You may use these as guides, but remember, they are atleast 20 years old, and thigs could have changed. Some of the shelters may no longer exist, and others may have been added. Please check with the park service for more accurate information before planning a hike to a shelter that is not there.

I believe we were planning the trip for one day per chart, with a resupply after the third day. Newfound Gap is where the highway crosses the Smokies.


Miles 0 thru 12

Miles 12 thru 24

Miles 24 thru 31

Miles 31 thru 43

Miles 43 thru 55

Miles 55 thru 67

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