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I have created a ZIP file, which can be down loaded, and used as a reference on your local hard drive. Please feel free to copy this and use it as you will. One use might be to put another copy on the Web somewhere else, in case this site disappears. I won't be here forever, and I would like to see this information continue to be available. If you do put this on the Web, let me know, and I will put a like to it on the page.

This file is currently about 150K, and should not take too long to download.

Download Download your own copy of this list.

ZIP File Last Updated: October 24, 1999

To use this file on your hard drive, unzip the ZIP file in its own directory, such as C:\VPI. It should create a subdirectory C:\VPI\IMAGES where it places the images on the page. If something should happen to my site, another site can spring up somewhere else.

To add a Bookmark/Favorite to your browser, use the File/Open option, and browse to find the index.htm in the VPI directory.

If you want to add another copy of this site on the Web, you can then FTP your local version to your Web space. I created a subdirectory/folder below my home page main folder, "/~fguymon/vpi".
Fred W. Guymon
2519 Williams Grant
Sugar Land, TX 77479

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