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VPI, E Company Web Page Site Notes

A couple of years ago, they tracked me down. Who you ask, those guys in E Company class of 1968. Carl Davis found me somehow, which is pretty amazing, since I only spent Fall Quarter with them in Blacksburg. I have fond memories of that quarter, since I have repressed all the other memories. Oh yes, I can still remember the not so fun parts, but it all worked together to be a fond memory after all.

I decided, to use my budding skills at HTML to do something with the information he sent in letters, so I created a Web page, sort of. I had no place to put it at the time, so I just created a single page and sent it out to all the E68 people on email. Since that time, I have created a home page, click here , and added the VPI E68 page to it, click here .

I hope it will grow, with more pictures and descriptions of that time, for all to enjoy. I have remodelled the page to make it easier to navigate between different types of information. With the help of the other E68 members, we can make it a valuable reference to all.

If you have any suggestions, please send them to me, via email or snailmail at the addresses below.


Fred W. Guymon
2519 Williams Grant
Sugar Land, TX 77479

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