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VPI E68 Reunion Page

The following was an email recieved in March for the upcoming Football Weekend Reunion. I put it here in case some one browsing might find it worth pursuing.

Fred Guymon

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 07:19:31 -0500

From: Carl

1999 Football Weekend

Dear Eí68 gang,

The time has come to plan for our fall football weekend. Charlie Gibbens has initiated early plans and has designated the mission "Operation Kick Gluteus Maximus." We must move soon to complete our plans, because it is the Syracuse game on October 16, and an early sellout is expected.

If we want good seats, we need to do it quickly. Jay Hanger will be taking care of the ticket purchase. In order to make the operation more efficient and cost effective, Jay will order all the tickets together and distribute them to those who will be joining the group. There is a single $5.00 service charge per ticket order, and since all will be on one order, there will be only one $5 charge, which Jay will absorb. The tickets are $27 each. Please make checks payable to Virginia Tech and send Jay the proper amount for the number of tickets you need. He needs the money by April 15 in order to get good seats, so send the man your money -- NOW! Donít wait!

Jay T Hanger
502 Cherry Lane, NE
Leesburg, VA 20176-4532

Tom Fletcher has been so kind as to make hotel reservations for a block of rooms at the Salem Comfort Suites for October 15 and 16. The cost is $52.46 per night plus 8.5% tax. Each of us must call and confirm our individual reservations by credit card. The phone number is (540) 375-4800, and the block reservation number is 63740651. It is in the name of Fletcher. Call and confirm as soon as you can, so we donít miss out on good rooms in good proximity to the action. All suites have 2 double beds, fridge, microwave, sitting area, and TV. Do it now -- Donít let time slip up on you!

Joe Dempsey will be taking care of the parking, and Rosie will be in charge food for the tailgate party. Let him or me (Iíll pass it on) know if youíre coming, and Rosie will let you know what to bring. If you have a problem, let me know, and Iíll help take up the slack. Donít get too fancy -- Charlie has made it clear that heíll eat anything but Cís or MREís. Heck, Iíll even eat them. I can have a great time no matter what the menu is. Iíll eat anything that wonít eat me first. Most of us probably are not that easy to please, but if the past is any indication, weíll have plenty of good food and good company. Itíll be a great weekend! Come on, guys, itís been 31 years now. We always have a great time, and the more the merrier! Make a special effort to come this time, and letís make it the biggest Eí68 reunion party EVER!

I look forward to hearing from all of you soon. Please come join us if you can. Youíll be glad you did.

Illegitimus non Carborundum,