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VPI E68 Photo Page

This is a (borrowed from the web) photo of Rasche Hall by Bob Veltri , in the quad. Fall Quarter, 1964, this is where we lived. Wally Gunter and I shared a room on the 4th floor, near the end. There were brass plaques on most of the buildings around the campus. To show our spirit and enthusiasm, some of the guys went around and 'brasso'd' all of the 'E's on the plaques. I also remember that someone got a little carried away, and used spray paint to add E Company greetings on some sidewalks. That caused us all a bit of grief, as we were all responsible. 'One for all and all for one'.

A map of the Quad.

Hopefully, more to come. I did not have many pictures of that time, and I cannot find the few I had, but perhaps I will receive contributions. Hint, hint. I will likely add more narrative as I work on the site, so 'stay tuned'.

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