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Ode to a Wahoo

Sons of doctors and lawyers
And wealthy politicians too
They were known throughout the land
As the vastly improving Hoos

They beat up Wake and Carolina
Then slapped BYU
No one could beat them
According to the Hoos

They thought they could win any game
With players so great
Jones and Ellis would lead them
Right past Florida State

First they would play the Techmen
But that wouldn't even be a test
Thought the over confident Cavs
As their team was simply the best

Many fancy cars gathered
On the morning of the game
The wine and cheese was plentiful
As each discussed their fortune and fame

They spoke lowly of the Hokies
It was such a lot of fun
To joke of hicks and farmers
And tractors on the run

Then the game started
And immediately it did smell
Not of farms and barnyards
It was the Hoos that stunk like hell

The Hokies scored repeatedly
The Cavs looked sick
They could not stop the Gobblers
Led by quarterback Michael Vick

When the beating was over
Welsh complained and cried
Hopes of a UVA bowl game
Certainly have died

And throughout the Commonwealth
All Wahoos are aghast
There is no joy in Charlottesville
The Hokies kicked their ass!

This was sent to me in October of 1999. Not sure who the author is, but I guess it does not matter... fwg

Fred W. Guymon
2519 Williams Grant
Sugar Land, TX 77479

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