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VPI E68 Stories, Memories, and Tid Bits

A lot of use have specific memories of our time in the Corps. I hope to share these with others by putting some of them here. Since my time was limited to one quarter, I cannot put much here, so I hope other Buddies will contribute to the cause. If you have a special memory of those times, please send it to me via email, and I will put it on this page. I have listed some topics that might spur some interest, and need some one to pick up the ball. Send 'em to me...

What the heck is 'Growly'?

Water in your face dude.

Thanksgiving Pep Rally

Good Morning "F" Company

Green Chair Spirit Booster

My Last Damn Sail!

VPI/VMI Field Tricks

We're having a Uniform Party...

Piss Call

Upper classmen to Remember or Forget...

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